Lync Lobby – Your Virtual Receptionist


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The Lync Lobby feature can be considered a type of waiting room where online meeting attendees can be held before the meeting begins. The lobby lets people who call in to a meeting know they’re in the right spot and you stay in charge of who attends…and who doesn’t get in.

As the creator of the meeting, you can configure various options to control how participants are greeted. The options include such choices to:

  • Automatically admit all attendees
  • Admit all attendees from your company
  • Admit only corporate employees you’ve invited, or
  • Organizer only (manual acceptance)

While any participants are waiting in the lobby, they are unable to hear the presenter or other users and are also unable to view any shared content. As the organizer, those who are waiting in the lobby are listed in the roster to make viewing easier.

The name that is displayed for the attendee shows either the name received from the PSTN or number they dialed in from or, in the event the attendee is using Lync Attendee or Lync WebApp, it will show the name they have provided.

To utilize these options for any meeting you create you can follow these steps:

  • In the Outlook Calendar, on the Home tab, click New Online Meeting (in Outlook 2010) or Online Meeting (Outlook 2007).


  • In the meeting request, on the Meeting tab, in the Online Meeting group, click Meeting Options.


  • In the Online Meeting Options dialog box, select the Customize access and presenters for this meeting check box to enable further customization of the meeting options.


  •  When people call in, they’re placed in a soothing, virtual lobby until you start the meeting. You can see who’s there so you can control attendance.


On a side note, you can also control the Lync systems announcement of attendees who either join or leave the meeting at meeting creation. The options are on the Audio and Phone tab within the same Meeting Options screen. Also be aware that the ability to choose a tone or voice announcement for entry/exit is controlled by the system administrator.  The meeting organizer just has the ability to turn on/off the announcement type that was chosen.